August 18, 2010

The First Post

The pen is crying out loud. The pen is really crying out loud. For heaven's sake, listen to its ples.

It is here, that the pen is free. It is free to bleed, free to cry and free to...

Welcome to where you can write freely. We accept all kinds of stuff, for our work is to help you better your writing.

You want to see yor stuff online? Just throw them at us and we'll put it here for you. You do not have to be a member of Write To The World. You just need to be a writer who writes.

So chuck your stuff to these emails: (wright underscore world at yahoo dot com) or at (wright world at g mail dot com) and you'll see them the moment you send them.

We are waiting...............for YOU!

The Reason We Write

Writing is one of the purest of arts in this world. This is because it embodies the very fundamental principles of literacy. Write To The World understands this and is bent on giving every writer in the world the platform to freely exercise this form of art. We believe literature is a powerful force behind human survival. So write anything good, and we'll make sure its seen.

As you read and treat yourself to glistening writing, please do leave a comment for the writers. They would really want to know what you think also. It can be a question, a comment or suggestion. Let it known. Leave your footprints here any time you visit.

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