May 31, 2011

The Last Dance - Prem Anand R

The Last Dance
by Prem Anand R

Torn is the hearts that bleeds
For lovers lost as the dawn bleeds
From the dusk that only in twilight brings
That night and day collides in crimson bane

We will meet like cursed lovers torn
Like magical verse from ranting born
Seeking darkness where once light shone
Beneath the graves of lover’s torn

Free spirits that rise to embrace
Misty dancers of lover’s dead
Fleeting with graceful solace
Starry nights with lunar shines

Shadows play between its light
Silence is as crickets play
An orchestra of nature swings
With fireflies are nature‘s stars

Shining like a guiding light
For the path of broken hearts mend
And the lovers dance their last dance
By the graves of Romeo and Juliet


May 30, 2011

How Do You Feel - Akwele Patricia


I know you want me to confide in you, telling you my worries, my pain, my joys, excitement even pouring out my anger and frustration. But do you feel what i feel or you feel pouring out my emotions makes me feel you actually know what i feel, feel what i feel and share in my sentiments? Now, i really want to tell you what i feel. You don't need to react with words cos your actions speak more than a thousand words, or would you pretend to feel what i feel? Do i even know what i feel? Wait! I think i do. It's my emotions and i think it's gonna burst and explode my whole being. How would that make me look? OMG! I get it... It's my PASSION. It's slowly eating me up. I can't cease to get hold of myself... can't cease to have enough of what I love... can't cease to have enough of... enough of...

I find myself doing only what i love paying less or no attention to the rest (hmmm what the heart wants) although they're necessary. My passion's become my poison and is slowly eating me up and I don't know what to do. Do you feel what i feel? How can i live without my passion? It's like living without love. No! I can't live this way... I couldn't deal with it. Can you put yourself in my shoes? I guess it wouldn't fit, right? You don't feel what i feel after all, do you? But do you want to feel what i feel? Then listen; my passion is my world and my world has turned against me. My love for people has actually made me take steps that, for some reason, I can't tell how, have come to hurt those i love, and eventually myself. My love for art is sinking so deep replacing essential and equally important activities in my life. My quest for excellence and intelligence has driven friends away from me. Did they even love me? They could've at least bared it but maybe i was too blind to see. My heart for preferences has turned me against other options... Yes there are pros and cons to everything under the sun but little did i expect to feel this way. Do you feel what i feel? Are emotions to be understood or felt? Is the language of the heart meant for the heart or for the mind? Can i confide in you or you suggest i get a book that'll feel what i feel by the ink?

I just poured out my emotions... I just poured out how i feel. Look at you... What are you thinking of? Now do you actually feel the connection, or you understand the feeling? Thanks for trying my shoes on even though they don't fit. I bet yours don't fit mine either...

Drug Abuse - Kwaku Sonny


Drugs like Marijuana, Heroine and Cocaine
Can destroy your brain
Because of the substances they contain
So refrain and abstain
It cause me so much pain
To see people who have been trained
By the country to maintain, retain and sustain
Our economy are dealing in cocaine
Can someone please explain?
This is not what Ghana bargained
It grieves me more to see our leaders and businessmen who conspire
to import drugs that have expire
At the detriment of other peoples life for their own selfish desire
Who do they intend inspire ?
To me, this is dire
We have to relocate and locate to a better location
We have to generate and regenerate our generation
We have dissociate and associate ourselves to a good association
Nobody has been able to trace
The source of this menace
Drug abuse is something we must not embrace
It is covering our space at a fast pace
And i think it is a disgrace
People take drugs for pleasure
Others take them to overcome their pressure
But for most young ones it is through curiosity and peer-pressure
All I want to tell you is that keep your composure
and limit your exposure
Don’t become a problem for the community
Don’t become a burden on society
Keep your integrity
and preserve your dignity
Don’t let the illicit use of drugs be your habit
Else you will become a drug addict
Please! Please!! Please!!! QUIT

May 26, 2011

A Poet's Suicide Note - Reason AbledArtist

a poet's suicide note

the wind threatens to uproot everything standing on feeble foundations

if my soul flies with it to some far-flung sanctuary or floats around to fill mortal lungs with breath

before my flesh feeds the crawling creatures of the undergrowth, my conscious mind should part with these words:

if there was ever a genuine happiness in this life, it was of our will and doing

if there was ever a reality, it was moulded from the ribs of our aspirations

if indeed there was ever love, it must've been the phenomena that mimics our daily dreams and savours in our daily deeds

from this life i take nothing but my mind to be my only companion

and to my mother, i leave the body she bore to burry

to my friends, before my memory dissipates into small particles of nothingness, remember that i shared my dreams and my love with you

A Lonely Angel - Poet Love

A Lonely Angel..

by Poet Love

A lonely angel with broken wings
Sitting, waiting for light from heaven
Show me the light, hold my hand,
Walk me through, make me a complete angel
Take me where I belong to, take me back to heaven.

May 19, 2011

A Gathering Of Angels - Ray Bell

A gathering of angels

Slowly and certainly time begins to run aground this moment all encompassing yet contains no sound only relieved but terrified emotion feverish prayers and a purified devotion on a scale impossible to comprehend we stand like warriors with nothing to defend perhaps its the way time and space must compress out of this room turn off the light a new emptiness why has man always needed an ending so damn proud too stoic remaining unbending sometimes thoughts dreams even reasons run there course maybe we must await the four each riding an unearthly horse even if it doesnt come to pass it leaves strange chills i really do not long to see a gathering of angels

May 11, 2011

DAUGHTERS OF EVE II - Adjei Agyei-Baah


Along my way, came this daughter of Eve
Whom I thought my life could thrive
She was an angel of contours and design
Of which every man would stop to pen & sign
My emotion started to blaze like a wild inferno
For I’d wished I could fondle her like the piano
But suddenly I heard a voice in the faculty of my sanity
Saying: vanity, vanity, vanity, all is vanity
For deep within I’d lust & thrust
Oh what a silliness! I’ve sin against the Lord of Just
Where lies my peace?
Neither in a limo nor a hearse
But only in the steadfast faith of my Lord God
In whose beautiful garden Eve first trod.

Adjei Agyei-Baah (C) Copyright ~ 2011 All Rights Reserved

Daily Diamdems, Archaic Anthems! - Elorm Beenie

Daily Diamdems, Archaic Anthems!

Religion against religion
Nation against nation
Faction against faction
Daughter against mother
Son against father
Uncles envying nephews
Niece always negating auntie’s views
Faculty against faculty
University graduates challenging authority,
Primary, secondary and tertiary over policies of school authority,
School syllabus crafted to confuse student fraternity.

Politicians always reaching for more selfish goals
Thus thumping the poor with extra poverty
Without apology....
The city smells bloody!

It’s a pity,
I’m hungry,
No food for my belly,
No money in my pocket
Very soon they'll roll another suicidal budget,
Oh Jah!
No wonder
They always see us as puppets
Poor puppets
On a string
They always fling...

Tears always gather in my eyes
When I see my ignorant ghetto folks believe them in their political lies,
Wish I had a better pillow to lay my head
On a cozy bed
And forget all these mass baseless and endless problem;
But if I gloss it over and go sleep in bed,
Who would fight for the poor?
Who would take the challenge to shamelessly for sure
Write about this political mayhem?

May 5, 2011

Naked and Dangerous - Rex Nii Brown

naked and dangerous

I'm naked and dangerous
when ever you come closer to me
you don't leave the same way
you either leave satisfied or in pain
yes I'm naked and dangerous

you exit my presence with
your hand in your mouth
trying to expose my deeds to the world
better still happy and laughing out loud
yes I'm not always cruel, I'm kind to those
who knows how to handle
yes I'm naked  and dangerous

when with me do not rush, or  else
I will increase my temple and you will
not like the result after wards
yes I'm naked and dangerous, very dangerous
yes I'm the naked  fire flames, beware of me

May 1, 2011

I am a court jester in the Queen's language - Xolile Sizephe

I am a court jester in the Queen's language

I am a court jester in the Queen's language. I have for too long entertained the idea that intelectual thought can only be conveyed in English. In the courtyard of my 72 page hardcover, on my A4 stage I have juggled metaphors, swallowed adages amd flipped similes to leave my audience in awe at the sheer skill of my lingustic trickery at the end of my penned performances.

But I was the one tricked.

As my grip on the Queen's languages tightened with every book, every scribbled note, every article and every dictionary consultation, I gained valuable things but lost my priceless native tongue. I am a servant to my word masters not a master of words. I have wasted the inheritance my elders left me and I have robbed my children of their mother. Their mother who's toungue is tied with culture, the language she speaks decodes our origins. My mother's tongue lovingly gives us pride in who we are but I swallowed my pride...and vomited remarks.

"Bloody blacks!" *cough* "that's so ignorant" *heavy breathing* "so ghetto" *wiping my mouth* and flushing the dirty toilet paper of my preceptions down the stereotyped toilet. My people's history has bloody stains. My people are gifted, creative thinkers as are all people. It is not in our culture to be poor, we are the heirs of green kingdoms that have chosen to adopt the poverty of a second hand culture. The prodigal son returns home.

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