October 30, 2012

The Life Giver ~ Deborah Baiden

The Life Giver, By Deborah Baiden.

Water flowed as the painful journey began
excruciating pain like bullet from a gun.
At last, a shrill cry cut the tense atmosphere,
the lifegiver sighed; her spirit soared to the stratosphere, a new life was born.

Milk flowed as the nursing journey started,
the baby's health was all that mattered
sound sleep was no longer necessary
she needed to know the baby's chemistry, a new life began.

Sweat flowed as the training journey began
character building was essential at this stage
valuable lessons, when I come of age
sleepless nights, through the teenage years, a new life matured.

Tears flows as she is appreciated
she enjoys the fruit of her labour
'A success story' she tells every neighbour.
Behind every success is Maame.
 Ayeekoo..Yen Maamenom.

September 28, 2012

Cervical Woes - Onyx Smith

{An entry from Onyx Smith. A good read. Share your thoughts.}

His pain comes with no gain,
And his blackballed presence has become my greatest bane
There are those rare moments when in anticipation, i wait for him
And for those same rare moments, he comes not, despite my whim.
Then somewhat asudden and forcefully,
And highly unanticipatedly, he arrives with eruption,
in his usual red flowing gown.
With his terrible and lethal weapon, causing distraction
Inflicting pain too, even so with a frown.
He orders his subjects from my deepest parts,
with a steel face and stony heart.
and his following, those cascading globs of red,
create a ghastly sight on my homely bed.
I am left with sporadic dysmenorrhea,
the reverse of pleasure becomes my overseer.
Oh my, the price to pay for womanhood
Can't hide my emotion, the thought just dampens my mood.
The executioner, my visitor, looks on and nods.
He looks proud and all, like the Zeus of the other gods.
I stare with contempt,
and make no attempt
to look away when he whispers, 'Menstruation.'

June 30, 2012

BLADES OF CHRONOS - Michael Stevens


By Michael Stevens

Time , on the throne of chronos sits
The sisters of fate , by the loom seated ,heads bent , the threads of destiny interwoven
On Saturn's rings , vow of chronos , embedded
Time draws nigh like a blade , on the belts of Orion ,fastened
Sheathed beneath a scabbard of woesome tides
Beneath the stargazer's scope , between the aim of Sagittarius , Virgo bleeds
Gushing pools of crimson red , along the pathways of milk stained , roared Leo

Amidst the the thunder roars , and the flashes of lightening blue , tears from beings ethereal
Descended in droves , torrential , the skies , the battlefield beneath the heavens trembled as immortals marched in awe so transcendental
On gaia realms , the stargazer beckoned forth , his companion stood watch before him
Eyelids blinked and strained , into space , they pierced , drawing blood
Beneath the immortal footstools , earth stared , a lone piece on a universal board

Time draws nigh like a blade , on the belts of Orion fastened
The past , stares from behind , from shadows bleak
The present , here and now , evades heart , desires mounting
The future , from our sights obscured , holds doubts and fears
The blades of chronos wielded , the sound of destiny , echoes
Lines of battle painted , on the pitch of destiny , cries of war resounding with each clash of immortality

The blood moon resurrected , the star gazer stares , steadfast in his post
Rays of the gold approaching , eyes squinted ,balanced only by the beams of silvery red
The moon stood in perfection , facing the rage of the crimson king
Gaia marvels , time halted in their fiery embrace
The king , his queen , an ephemeral union of ethereal perfection
The scales of Libra , all but tilted in favor of creation
To this union , a libation poured , from Aquarius' jars

Time draws nigh ,like a blade on the belts of orionn fastened
Un-sheathed as chronos struck in pain , the union ,forever divided
Meteors of pain hurled through the night's sky , galaxies with rage filled as night and day spawned
tears ,down crimson cheeks roll , gaia trembled in quakes , beyond control
The crimson king hath been defeated
Chronos' blades sheathed , its power unrivaled , existence redefined
There is no end to this
Leo forever roars
The virgin bleeds still
From the jars of Aquarius , libation pours eternal
Gaia forever drenched in its wake
And the star still gazes in awe

Time draws nigh , like a blade on the belts of Orion fastened .

~Michael Stevens ~

June 1, 2012

An Un-despised Hymn - Peter Atta Brown

~~ an Un-despised hymn ~~


 ~~   After the visiting spirits had gone  ~~
                 and the purifying dews ceased their
                            sprinkling at dawn,
                  I picked my life fom the ground
                  like a dropped apple,deserted
                         by it's weary branch
                            I  whispered
               an undespised hymn in consolation,

               uncurse the tears you have wasted 
           over fruitless years with coward hearts
                   and regret not the toils that
                       brought you no reward
               Forgive yourself all the troubles 
       that tease your memory openly like a clown,
               the World itself does not know
                         where to stand,
                      to be a cunning fool
                           a witty cynic,
                  to be a friendly hopping
                            tamed dog
                             a smoke 
                     puffing deadly bull 
                             in a circus.

                   Belittle no chance over 
                         pain or pleasure,
                      in a thirsty patience,
                             desire both
                   hugging arms   and feet,
                          taste and spit
            if so be it that your soul be sanctified,
                                 this way,
                  you shall celebrate the 
                      breath held in you,
                 appreciate the suffering 
                    death promised to all 
                  ~~ at the tiring end.~~

atta brown

  (c)copyright 2012
peter atta brown

April 24, 2012

Untitled - Arcene Janvier

 Poem By Arcene Janvier

I progress from my regress far back behind the rest
Steady Improvement is the Chief Aim
So many are the years I wasted trying to be
...what the society wanted me to be
I’ve retraced my steps to where I lost my way
I’ve regained the platform from which I clearly perceive the horizons ahead...
My dreams are now nearer than ever
...because in spite of them being further than they were yesterday
My failures in being something else has reaffirmed in me
...the faith that this is the function whose tool I am
Hence efficiency is the native merit expected of me
...and I promise to effortlessly and efficiently fulfill to the pleasure of analysts...
Now I have a stronger will
From my hard fall yesterday I have today healed a stronger soul

I am a front warrior in a war against mediocrity
I am an evangelist of optimism in a county of pessimism
I am a politician in the democracy of dreams
I am a mason in the construction of a better reality
I am an actor in the play of successful living
I am a student in the University of Life
I am a seeker of the Universal Keys
I am a shooting star with a definite course, Infinity is my destination
But for now as tick-tock of the clock resounds
I am the ant with a defined purpose

History is my trusted friend, never lies to me
...and always enlightens me with better lessons
Time is my ally, always on my side
My dreams are the business plan
The seeds I hope to reap tomorrow
My skills, dedication, and passions are my equity
...the capital I count on
Mother Nature and the infinite mind are my guarantors
I fear not to take the highest risks for I am insured by the Policy of Faith
For me life is an endless series of opportunities
I dare to dream because I have the capacity to believe
I dare to strive because I trust in my native abilities
I have a name that has no one else
It is a name that must be built with candid effort from the ground up
I am now digging the foundation for this castle of a name
For at the end of the day
It begins with the fact that I am standing at the gate of possibilities
My spirit has brought me thus far, what’s left is to walk in
Shall I knock or shall I let myself in
Let me first proclaim my name and see if the children of souls recognize:
I am Oversoul, the Son of a Dream
Suspense... what happens next
Alertness.. Excitement... Exhilaration...
Elation... Anticipation... Confidence...
Emotional Power

April 4, 2012

I Can Have It All - Sharon Tracy Phanos

I want the luxury and the comfort
I want the knowledge and the grades
I want the guy and the mustang
And I want the money and the love
Definitely, the money and the love
And I should have them all.

I want the mansion with room service
I want the beauty and the passion
I want longevity and security
I want the cuisine with the chef
I want ‘em hot and spicy
And I want the million dollar kicks

I want to see Peru and Abudiabe
I want to feel “el sol y el calor”
I want to feel “el agua en el playa”
I want to see the Paris fashion week
And visit Ethiopia for lunch
I want to have it all.

I want to have the best in life
And live like a child of the kingdom
I want the land and its richness
I want world peace and abundance
Why can’t I have it all?

I want honesty and truth
Top it up with much love and charity
I want to ride in Texas
And stand and gaze at the “tour d’Eiffel”
I can have my dreams and hopes
I can have the best of the lot
I can savour the richest taste
 I can breathe uncontaminated air
I can walk alone and not fear
I can have it all.

March 11, 2012

i am - Luzuko Gongxeka

i am

i am an organism
made of organisms,
a sentient being,
an animate creature;
a human being,
a black man,
an afrikan,
a rastaman;
every black man
a rastaman,
irrespective of religion
and dietary choices,
i am a xhosa man;
part mfengu
part msuthu,
i am a nigga;
a real nigga,
i am. . .
Mysterious Elements,
a lot
more than i can see,
understand and explain,
i am the wind that flows
right through you,
i am formless
i am the past;
present and future,
i am timelessness
floating in existence,
formed and molded
by energy,
i am fire,
i burn
i am the light
and the dark,
and a lie,
and duality,
being is also being-not,
i am, am not

February 5, 2012

Beauty Of Nature - Anisha Achankunju

Beauty of Nature

by Anisha Achankunju on Sunday, 5 February 2012

Golden light dancing in to my arms,
With diamonds flowing, intrepid calms.
On bended knee I look up in love,
To the beauty of life bestowed Above.

With swirls of White Light covering all,
In my white dress I now stand so tall.
Beckoning all the butterflies and bees,
Singing amorously to the oak trees.

Intrepid, intriguing, beautiful in love,
To feel one with the nature all Above.
With rushes of light that enclasps my being,
In a gentle swirl I come up to sing.

Beauty of Nature, My love my call,
You have given me all to stand tall.
In your loving anthems I am amply blest,
Atuned in peace, love, and beauty caressed.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 5th February 2012

January 12, 2012

The White Skins - Dora Amoako


  • Okomfo Anokye bid Asanteman farewell to begin the journey for the cure for death Bathed in the Antoa river were 300 Asafo(warriors) of superhuman strength
    They journeyed north, headed towards the land beyond the corn
    Over mountains, hills, deserts and through valleys
    Then journeyed some more till the soil turned from red to black and then brown
    After crossing the narrow river they came to a strange land with white soil
    Cold to the feet, men lived in strange stone houses and wore heavy clothing
    The Asafo were bewildered because never have they seen so many Albinos
    They asked and wondered “are we in Asamando(Land of the Dead)”?
    Are these people ghosts?
    Surely, this land must be cursed because of the sheer number of albinos

    "Yes they look pale, white skin; they even talk funny through their nose
    With long stringy hair and smell like wet chicken
    Mansa Musa and Sundiata did mention them
    Their elders once upon a time visited the triangular mansions (pyramids) of our ancestors to learn
    They might look human but I doubt if they are fully human because Odumankoma (God/Creator) didn’t finish coloring them
    And they have no soul because they do not name their young after seven days.
    Aaah!! Look at these savages they eat with sticks
    Aaah!! See how their men wear horsehair on their heads.
    Sebi sebi they even eat like animals see how their meat is still drenched with blood.
    I think they are not far from animals so we should treat them as such
    But flowing through their land is the “fountain of youth”-the cure of death
    They don’t know its importance, but we do
    So we need to find a way to steal it with least resistance

    Let us bribe them gifts of salt, gold, kente
    Let’s mesmerize them with our charms, talisman and potions
    And if they resist we will tell Mami Wata(River Goddess) to drown their kids
    And when we fight them we will summon our motia (dwarfs).
    Infact they are no match for our sophisticated weaponry
    After we take their land, we will enslave them so they can work by the river
    To carry gourds of the fountain back to Asanteman
    Let us break down their confidence so we don’t need to use physical force
    Let us paint sasabonsam(Devil) white so they will associate evil with their skin color
    And let us brag about the virility of our Odumankuma and the beauty of Asaase Yaa
    Yes, a white skin women will never feel beautiful till she tans her skin and pumps her breasts and buttocks
    Let us make them forget their culture, let us make them forget their history and hate themselves
    Because that is the only way they will fail to see the treasure that lies in their backyard,fail to see anything of value coming from them
    That is the only way they will allow us to tap the river for free

    ………..So they set to work on their plan
    Coercing and killing
    Capturing the men to work by the river so they can carry gourds upon gourds to far away Asanteman
    True to his word Okomfo Anokye did bring the cure for death back to Asanteman
    But that it because Owuo (Death) moved to the Land of the whiteskins
    So the more the river was tapped by the Ashanti’s the more members of the white skins aged and died.
    The river that nurtured them was being taken; they were dying without knowing why
    They said their gods have forgotten them so they inturn shunned their gods
    Hercules, Zeus, Pluto were now names mentioned with scorn and disgust
    They embraced the gods of Asanteman and feverishly poured libations and celebrated every single Afahye(festival)

    …………….Over 500 years later and the story remains the same
    Now the young whiteskins are scared, they refuse to stay and wither
    They see how everyone in Asanteman is young and fresh
    They want a piece of the good life
    So they pack themselves in boats, ships and hustle for visa
    Anything to help them get to Asanteman for a better life
    The white skins have forgotten the treasure that still flows in their backyard
    So they risk their life to travel to Asanteman where they work as menial servants, constantly demeaned by the dark skins
    Who make it a point to remind them of their deficiency in melanin
    They are a people living in Amnesia
    Still dying even though they have the cure
    The rest of the world awaits their awakening.
    Will they white skins wise up?
    We live to find out.


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