April 24, 2012

Untitled - Arcene Janvier

 Poem By Arcene Janvier

I progress from my regress far back behind the rest
Steady Improvement is the Chief Aim
So many are the years I wasted trying to be
...what the society wanted me to be
I’ve retraced my steps to where I lost my way
I’ve regained the platform from which I clearly perceive the horizons ahead...
My dreams are now nearer than ever
...because in spite of them being further than they were yesterday
My failures in being something else has reaffirmed in me
...the faith that this is the function whose tool I am
Hence efficiency is the native merit expected of me
...and I promise to effortlessly and efficiently fulfill to the pleasure of analysts...
Now I have a stronger will
From my hard fall yesterday I have today healed a stronger soul

I am a front warrior in a war against mediocrity
I am an evangelist of optimism in a county of pessimism
I am a politician in the democracy of dreams
I am a mason in the construction of a better reality
I am an actor in the play of successful living
I am a student in the University of Life
I am a seeker of the Universal Keys
I am a shooting star with a definite course, Infinity is my destination
But for now as tick-tock of the clock resounds
I am the ant with a defined purpose

History is my trusted friend, never lies to me
...and always enlightens me with better lessons
Time is my ally, always on my side
My dreams are the business plan
The seeds I hope to reap tomorrow
My skills, dedication, and passions are my equity
...the capital I count on
Mother Nature and the infinite mind are my guarantors
I fear not to take the highest risks for I am insured by the Policy of Faith
For me life is an endless series of opportunities
I dare to dream because I have the capacity to believe
I dare to strive because I trust in my native abilities
I have a name that has no one else
It is a name that must be built with candid effort from the ground up
I am now digging the foundation for this castle of a name
For at the end of the day
It begins with the fact that I am standing at the gate of possibilities
My spirit has brought me thus far, what’s left is to walk in
Shall I knock or shall I let myself in
Let me first proclaim my name and see if the children of souls recognize:
I am Oversoul, the Son of a Dream
Suspense... what happens next
Alertness.. Excitement... Exhilaration...
Elation... Anticipation... Confidence...
Emotional Power

April 4, 2012

I Can Have It All - Sharon Tracy Phanos

I want the luxury and the comfort
I want the knowledge and the grades
I want the guy and the mustang
And I want the money and the love
Definitely, the money and the love
And I should have them all.

I want the mansion with room service
I want the beauty and the passion
I want longevity and security
I want the cuisine with the chef
I want ‘em hot and spicy
And I want the million dollar kicks

I want to see Peru and Abudiabe
I want to feel “el sol y el calor”
I want to feel “el agua en el playa”
I want to see the Paris fashion week
And visit Ethiopia for lunch
I want to have it all.

I want to have the best in life
And live like a child of the kingdom
I want the land and its richness
I want world peace and abundance
Why can’t I have it all?

I want honesty and truth
Top it up with much love and charity
I want to ride in Texas
And stand and gaze at the “tour d’Eiffel”
I can have my dreams and hopes
I can have the best of the lot
I can savour the richest taste
 I can breathe uncontaminated air
I can walk alone and not fear
I can have it all.

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