September 27, 2011

Default Invetion - Duke Benson

Default Invention

A designer, a creator, a scientist, an engineer
Those are my appellations
I design, I invent
All in my lab

Of all my inventions
There are two
Device 1, codenamed XY
Device 2, codenamed XX
And both have two antennas

XY has two antennas
Y1 and Y2
Y1 is transmission only
Y2, also transmission only

XX has two antennas too
X1 and X2
X1 transmits and receives
X2 transmits only

In my own likeness I made them
With my own knowledge I made them

By default
The devices work on their own
For maximum gain and efficiency
They must work together

But to work together
This algorithm they must follow

            XX sync XY
            Y1 transmit
            X1 receive

It’s simple, not complicated
No matter what anyone says
That’s the way I made them

September 7, 2011

My Name Is - Nana Asaase

My Name is

by Nana Asaase(Philip Boakye Dua Oyinka)
I am a seed of potent dreams and promises
Planted in a green desert;
A lonely dark cloud
Over an anxious dry plain;
A harvest of burdened expectancy.

I am a drop of living water
To the creaky limbs of a stranded warrior;
The fat sweat on a skinny brow;
The hope of a widow forest;

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