September 28, 2012

Cervical Woes - Onyx Smith

{An entry from Onyx Smith. A good read. Share your thoughts.}

His pain comes with no gain,
And his blackballed presence has become my greatest bane
There are those rare moments when in anticipation, i wait for him
And for those same rare moments, he comes not, despite my whim.
Then somewhat asudden and forcefully,
And highly unanticipatedly, he arrives with eruption,
in his usual red flowing gown.
With his terrible and lethal weapon, causing distraction
Inflicting pain too, even so with a frown.
He orders his subjects from my deepest parts,
with a steel face and stony heart.
and his following, those cascading globs of red,
create a ghastly sight on my homely bed.
I am left with sporadic dysmenorrhea,
the reverse of pleasure becomes my overseer.
Oh my, the price to pay for womanhood
Can't hide my emotion, the thought just dampens my mood.
The executioner, my visitor, looks on and nods.
He looks proud and all, like the Zeus of the other gods.
I stare with contempt,
and make no attempt
to look away when he whispers, 'Menstruation.'

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