April 30, 2011

Are We There Yet? - Emon Fire

Are we there yet?

getting there, soon good come by here
getting there, all things are mine

delusion of a charismatic nature.
manuscipt of illusion, prestige remains enigmatic

getting there, soon BIG come by here
getting there, these dreams shall come true

music television purposed, picked by genre
hungry mismatched realities, lost eState.

Getting there, remix all fear
getting there, sometimes we have to shed a tear

Selfless Sacrifial motives move Life's changes.

April 27, 2011

Unwhitening The Blacks - Poetra Ama Asantewaa

Unwhitening The Blacks

by Poetra Ama Asantewa
He sat in his 3-piece suit, cursing the gods because the air-conditioner wouldn’t boot.
She looked across the serving area and the smell of the food was sickening,
She thought momoni was disgusting all she wanted was fries and chicken.
She spanked her son for speaking the local dialect.
She’d told him several times that if he mastered the Queen’s language he would become exempt.
It is only in Africa that a man’s IQ is measured by how americanized he sounds; else he’s a John
It is not only on the stage that puppets are controlled, even behind curtains they are still pawns

They named their daughter Lovelace Clarissa
Of course! They felt it was way nicer than plain old Akua Boahemaa
A man returns from a year stay in the States, and you have to strain your ears before you hear him say “I never really liked korkor and beans, it makes my tummy act kinda funny”
Yet the same man stays in Russia for 3 years and you don’t have to hear him say “I hearrd yourr motherr was siick. I hope now sheez verry good and verry happy”

See,- we wear black skins, but we’ve painted our souls white
We’re good at a lot but we’re best at following trends, and we don’t realize that we’ve become objects of spite
We’ve created worlds which yields us no true self; we’re living a lie
We’re looking at ourselves through another’s eyes
We’re not Lauryn hill educated enough to know that our emancipation doesn’t fit into anybody else’s equation
And we’ve been unique way since creation

It is time we recognize that our being is too original,
Our lands too pure,
Our symphony too Hugh Masekela,
Our spirits too Mandela passionate,
Our traditions too Monalisa significant;
For us to be carbon copies of another’s culture.

We have to take our lives back and tap into the core.
Learn the ways of the old, you know, way before.
Rock our own made handiworks,
Practice over and over till be better what hardly works.
Grasp our culture as intently as an angry man would a flea,
For it is only then, can we be free.

April 26, 2011

To My Unborn Child; A Dying Expectant Mum's Letter - Albert Kofi Owiredu

To my unborn child; A dying expectant mum's letter

Dearest dear in my womb
I curse the day I took that black potion
Thinking it could help in your abortion
But as it were, it would send me rather to my tomb

I'll be gone when you are born, the doc says
And i won't be there to show I care
Guess that's the price I've got to pay
For being so stupid not wanting you here

My love for you was very little
My heart was as black as a kettle
Now i regret with you I can't ever build a family
And love and live so happily

I'll be gone in a time not so long
Pay heed to these I say to you
It's like the few
That's so much on my heart like a song

You sure are out of luck
'cause I made you out of wedlock
Guess the pleasure got me confused
I failed to realize the barrier break lose

Those flagellated things then had a chance
To swim, wriggle and dance
One found that egg in me
And did what was meant to be

Pay no one attention
When you are called a bastard
Life itself is hard
That should be your notion

Shortly after your birth
And my painful expected death
You'll be put in a foster home
But you'll find soon those who will make you their own

Learn to keep your eyes open
When you fall in love with your heart
Otherwise your love will only deepen
And you'll end up bruised and hurt

I leave  with you  my bible
On its words you should daily nibble
I leave you also my love and all
our hearts I pray remain connected like a phone call

I truly and really love you
More than i do everything
Not even the early morning dew!!!

(c) 2010 Owiredu Albert Kofi

April 25, 2011

IF ONLY... - Magkwadi Lefuma


If only I let my thinking drive me,
But then it got no license to pursue the trip,
If only I made my heart take control,
But then it would've lost its job in an early stage,
If only I've changed my soul,
But then I would've lost the true me.

Life is an opportunity to grasp & hold on to.
There are no corrections in its journey,
But there are options to take wisely,
If only there was just one chance to remake mistakes.

Took the way to the world of chocolate & honey,
Made a choice of being rich & being respected,
Lived double lives to myself happy in a wink of an eye for satisfactory,
If only I knew it will get me this far.

Took drugs & alcohol to get rid of my problems fast,
Took a gun to scare the weak & stole their happiness,
Took the pride of a young girl to get rid of my sickness,
If only I knew my hands will go these far & destroy future & joyful lives of others.


April 22, 2011

I'm Going Again, Searching - Reason AbledArtist

i'm going again, searching

i'm going again,
searching for people,
searching for love
as if
it were a paranormal
phantom hugging
the mountains

like grahamstown mist
of early morning drives
to peddie, emazizini

i remember those rides,
my brothers
emptying their bladders
on the outer side of the road

an excuse
to feel
the warm gravel
and grass wet
with dew

i'm going again
in search of my own
indescribable meanings,
the company of my own
inaudible rumblings,
under nights
by the reign of chipping insects;
a noise punctuated
by the sound of silence,
artificial stillness

i saw on television
a grieving
elephant mother
keep going back
to the already decaying
and partially eaten carcass
of her dead calf

as if to awaken something
in her own soul,

or kill something off
to enable
movement within

i'm going again,
to listen to silent voices
of my ancestors
ever so loudly
in my afrikan conscious

i'm going again,
to listen
to laughter and conversation
from people
whose reference
is not googled;
but experienced experience,

i'm going again,
to be acknowledged
and exhumed
from this
'emerging black middle-class'
socially constructed
and construed
weighing a ton
on my shoulders,
like bones dug
the catacombs
unmarked graves

i'm going again,
because each visit
my heart
with hope
of truth
to be

luzuko ka mdodana gongxeka wokuqala

She Godess - Fezekile Futhwa

She Goddess

My eyes are blessed
My soul liberated
My senses are graced
This day
The day of wonders

I have seen her
Laid my naked eyes on her
Like it was some prophecy
Destined to happen
Just when the time is right

I must be special
Anointed with the anciet glory
Marked as a wise one
For today I saw greatness
Dreamed in the reality of the moment

The Goddess of beauty
She who represents serenity
Who defines purity
She from whom all beauty came
I saw an African Goddess
Goddess on earth

She truly rules this land
She sways as she walks
Taking measured steps
Not to defile her beauty
Goddess of my land
In her beauty has meaning

How on earth
Am I supposed to describe Her
Her beauty is beyond words
Words do harm
In trying to explain
I can only live in lust
Lust of memories
For memory is reality hidden
Lingering in the depths of spirituality
Remembered only in tranches
As the spirits wills

I know no other
But beauty I have seen
On this my land
Land of Ancestors
Land of the Gods
Land of the Spirits
Beauty defined in a woman
An African woman
You are God

April 21, 2011

There Is A Pay Day - Fadillai Dapilaa

You shot him with the gun
Girls around, pocket with pounds, have fun!
That’s your pretty style to survive, under the son
Remember you have a son
You killed him just for the land
   -But remember there is a pay day-

It was an agreement; just a sexual pact
She is down, you are on, you enjoyed the act
You don’t care whether its lust
And is not going to be the last
Tomorrow will open another day for such
   -But remember there is a pay –

Time for church, you are in the church, you ignore the word
Just after the mosque, you forget of the world
And still breathe His air
Give Him praises, No! You think it’s fair?
Remember this is what I said
   -And remember there is a pay day-

You said you believe in democracy
What we can see now is autocracy
What you brought is a bad policy
You seem not to care about our agony
You don’t even have sympathy
   -Remember there is a pay day-

You wanted to be free, so you lied in the court
Now he is going to jail with police escort
Though he is gone, for the truth he fought
Give yourself a special thought
And when you mention the name God,
   -Remember there is a pay day-

My heart is bleeding
Because there is always a persistent feeling
Day and night even when I’m dreaming
Telling me the life I should be leaving
Lecturing me on the life I should be leading
   -Because there is always a pay day-

April 19, 2011

Mask Me: Obed Sarpong

So I feel like I committed an abomination
I was angry so I didn’t care

I cut all of my hair
Against your wishes and the dictates of some sense
You who know all things
Making the Sahara your dry leisure
And the foot of Afadjato your sleep place

I committed an abomination under your shed
(You did nothing; you wretched soul
You looked on unconcerned; and the wind blows anyway)
I was angry so I didn’t care

23 September, 2010

April 18, 2011

I Wanna Love Yah by Elorm Beenie

I wanna love yah
Like the way
I want my Mum to be loved,

I wanna love yah
And SERVE yah
Like the way
I want my Queen to be served

I wanna love yah
I want to preserve yah
Like the way
I would my daughter to be preserved
By another man,
Your love is like Kelewele,
The taste I can't resist!


April 11, 2011

ALL THE MAN THAT I AM by James Robert Myers

ALL THE MAN THAT I AM by James Robert Myers

We court for two weeks and love made his way in us
We confined in ourselves to love without conditions
The vow captured us like glue attached to a paper
My role as a man was to provide her with the comfort zone
Promise her all the man that I am
A day without dreaming of her makes me incomplete
A day without her thought makes me unbalanced
I wanted to be part of her pains, soul, body, mind and history
Since she was crowned the queen in my boneless head

But someone should prevent her from leaving
Because she is not just walking away with her heart
But mine!
I mean I won’t be able to feel the heartbeat anymore
I will die prematurely and instantly
Without a tangible reason in the note I will leave behind
I have worn the deceived face after all that I wished
To be under her affection, shade of mercy
Proved to be a broken tablet in the nest
I am in a need of her company, the sweet melodious voice that sang to my hearing last evening
I have made her gallery my desktop background
As I want her day after day
The drive moves me from that rank to the other
I am no longer on my own since her holy love has departed
The thought of not growing old with her revolt in my mind
But what can I do this valentine?
Let her go since I cannot push her to love me
Someday I will celebrate her on my Calvary fate

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