April 22, 2011

I'm Going Again, Searching - Reason AbledArtist

i'm going again, searching

i'm going again,
searching for people,
searching for love
as if
it were a paranormal
phantom hugging
the mountains

like grahamstown mist
of early morning drives
to peddie, emazizini

i remember those rides,
my brothers
emptying their bladders
on the outer side of the road

an excuse
to feel
the warm gravel
and grass wet
with dew

i'm going again
in search of my own
indescribable meanings,
the company of my own
inaudible rumblings,
under nights
by the reign of chipping insects;
a noise punctuated
by the sound of silence,
artificial stillness

i saw on television
a grieving
elephant mother
keep going back
to the already decaying
and partially eaten carcass
of her dead calf

as if to awaken something
in her own soul,

or kill something off
to enable
movement within

i'm going again,
to listen to silent voices
of my ancestors
ever so loudly
in my afrikan conscious

i'm going again,
to listen
to laughter and conversation
from people
whose reference
is not googled;
but experienced experience,

i'm going again,
to be acknowledged
and exhumed
from this
'emerging black middle-class'
socially constructed
and construed
weighing a ton
on my shoulders,
like bones dug
the catacombs
unmarked graves

i'm going again,
because each visit
my heart
with hope
of truth
to be

luzuko ka mdodana gongxeka wokuqala

1 comment:

  1. There is a notion that poetry is difficult to discern. This may be because writers/poets are good in hiding meaning in words. For the lay man,Mr. AbledArtist, please do tell us what this poem is actually saying.


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