April 21, 2011

There Is A Pay Day - Fadillai Dapilaa

You shot him with the gun
Girls around, pocket with pounds, have fun!
That’s your pretty style to survive, under the son
Remember you have a son
You killed him just for the land
   -But remember there is a pay day-

It was an agreement; just a sexual pact
She is down, you are on, you enjoyed the act
You don’t care whether its lust
And is not going to be the last
Tomorrow will open another day for such
   -But remember there is a pay –

Time for church, you are in the church, you ignore the word
Just after the mosque, you forget of the world
And still breathe His air
Give Him praises, No! You think it’s fair?
Remember this is what I said
   -And remember there is a pay day-

You said you believe in democracy
What we can see now is autocracy
What you brought is a bad policy
You seem not to care about our agony
You don’t even have sympathy
   -Remember there is a pay day-

You wanted to be free, so you lied in the court
Now he is going to jail with police escort
Though he is gone, for the truth he fought
Give yourself a special thought
And when you mention the name God,
   -Remember there is a pay day-

My heart is bleeding
Because there is always a persistent feeling
Day and night even when I’m dreaming
Telling me the life I should be leaving
Lecturing me on the life I should be leading
   -Because there is always a pay day-


  1. Fadillai explores very interesting topics and issues of life. He concerns himself mostly with political and social issues. He is a good too when it comes to lyrics (love poems).

    Fadillai, should we always be weary and over concerned with every little thing we do? Should we let the "PAY DAY" scare us such that we are not able to live our lives the way that we wish?

  2. yes we should be concerned with every little thing we do because these little things brings us down. One will agree with me that, when little things come together, they become big problems. And if one ascribes to any religious doctrine, you woud realize that there is nothing little before God. The pay day shoudn't scare us but rather guide us in whatever we do because every action triggers a reaction, thus we will pay for our deeds, good or bad.

  3. How would this argument stand for atheist or people who don't have the same religious beliefs that you have. Should they still view your words as valid unto their lives as well?


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