October 25, 2011

The Winning Poems - MICROPOETRY

Week One Winner - James Robert Myers


As I give myself this
Constant reflection, I imagine,
My inner feelings broaden
Your beauty accentuates your trousers
Then I fall to grounds

Week Two Winner - Kwame Acquah Storbee

The Landmines

No doubts feuds abound,
In this love I found.
But lo, I am bound
Not placing her t’ ground,
A landmine it may sound.

Week Three Winner - Paul Forjoe Junior

In Five Lines I write, In Five Vowels I Might

Abuse accordingly, an act astronomical
Evolving egos, eclipses, even explicit
Inconclusive idioms intertwined in irony
Odd orgasms outstanding on offer
United unilaterally under unseen unison

Week Four Winner - Philip Boakye D. Oyinka


You were taught to run
There’s fire on the mountain;
But stay where you are
The sea is my tenant,
Let fire call his boast.

Week Five Winner - Nana Kwesi E. Dadson


Love runs our hearts through
To make the skies blue,
It is one but two;
Abstract but true
It’s us, me and you.

Week Six Winner - Sharon Tracy Phonos


The trees are my home
And I wonder if
It is my soul’s song
To breathe sweet scented air
And never forget my roots.

Week Seven Winner - Edzordzi Agbozo


When our sunset draws near
Oh, let the old old
Backwards forward dance: Husago
Lead us to the other
Phase of life.

October 7, 2011


On the 31st of July, 2010, Write To The World and Open Air Theatre started the first ever "Micropoetry raddio contest" in the nation. The "catch" was to get poets to Say More With Less. MICROPOETRY therefore cam into force and lasted 8 weeks.

The concept of MICROPOETRY was built around the notion that poets culd say so much with their very few words and yet make meaning and even entice readers further. Thus, in the MICROPOETRY contest, poets were required to write a very short poem in this format: 5 Lines and Not more than 5 Words per line, totalling not moore than 25 words for the entire poem. It was required that the poem have a full meaning, not be vague, and could touch on any theme the poet so chose.

The poets were then asked to submit the poems via a text line on Sundays, the day on which Open Air Theatre was aired on Radio Univers 105.7fm (Greater Accra). The poets had a maximum of 24hrs to submit their poems to the text line. All poems wee then collated at the end of the day and judged by Write To The World and Open Air Theatre. The winner for the week was selected and contacted. For all the eight weeks, a winner was selected per week, except for one week where there were no submissions.

MICROPOETRY played well on its first run and very soon the winning poets and their winning poems will be posted on many site including this one and One Ghana One Voice, Write To The World, K-Hitz Radio and Writers Project Of Ghana.

We want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners and a Big THANK YOU to all who made it a reality.

The Reason We Write

Writing is one of the purest of arts in this world. This is because it embodies the very fundamental principles of literacy. Write To The World understands this and is bent on giving every writer in the world the platform to freely exercise this form of art. We believe literature is a powerful force behind human survival. So write anything good, and we'll make sure its seen.

As you read and treat yourself to glistening writing, please do leave a comment for the writers. They would really want to know what you think also. It can be a question, a comment or suggestion. Let it known. Leave your footprints here any time you visit.

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