August 25, 2011

The Loud Voice Of Silence - Akwele Patricia

by Akwele Patricia

I need reasons for speech
But need none for silence
I cannot see why
Yet I am not blind

I want to hear
I listen close
I cannot say a word
Even though it's loud in my head

I need to locate that drop of water admist the rain
That surrounds me
There I can catch a single voice in my head
A single voice within a thousand that deafens me

Loud silence is like the sun
Burning without a voice
Loud silence is like the stars
Screaming their beauty out

No one dared disturb the voice of silence
The loud voice of silence
It is the hardest argument to refute


  1. Personally, I thrive on Creativity. Good Work there.

  2. Thank you for appreciating my work


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