March 11, 2012

i am - Luzuko Gongxeka

i am

i am an organism
made of organisms,
a sentient being,
an animate creature;
a human being,
a black man,
an afrikan,
a rastaman;
every black man
a rastaman,
irrespective of religion
and dietary choices,
i am a xhosa man;
part mfengu
part msuthu,
i am a nigga;
a real nigga,
i am. . .
Mysterious Elements,
a lot
more than i can see,
understand and explain,
i am the wind that flows
right through you,
i am formless
i am the past;
present and future,
i am timelessness
floating in existence,
formed and molded
by energy,
i am fire,
i burn
i am the light
and the dark,
and a lie,
and duality,
being is also being-not,
i am, am not

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