June 16, 2011

Who Am I? - Prem Anand R

Who am I? 
By Prem Anand R

Who am I?
I am the like the sun
Drowning in its watery depths
...To bring forth the dark page
To create words with stars
The beauty of the night
The moon its infinity mark
To question each insanity
That invades our mind

Who am I?
I am like the falling moon
That dissolves into the sea
To create ripples of words
A constant flowing ring
Coming back to you
An inspiration of a new day

The auburn strokes
On a white page
Floating in its blue shade
Gives birth to new illusions
That the painter creates
The art of words
That frees the sprite within
From the shadows of pain

Who am I?
I am like the droplets of rain
That soaks into your mind's page
Creating the soul from your heart
A storm raging a flood
Of endless thoughts in turmoil
With pain and rage
Then only a drizzle remains
And peace at last,comes to its mind

Who am I?
I am like the gentle breeze
That blows words to describe
The meaning of each stanza
To lift you up into the dreams
You seek from the nightmares
Raging the heart with no peace
Destroying every closed mind
Then opening them to each line

Who am I?
I am the enigma
Of many lives spent
A letter in every word
A word in each sentence
The space between stanzas
The rhymes and reasons
Or none at all
The silent voice
That shouts words written
And if you still question this gift
Then this riddle is already too long
To question who am I


Tell Her (1) - Kwame Ghansah

Tell Her (1) - June 13 2011

Running around
As if nothing matters at all
Thinking and imagining the unthinkable
Trying to touch the untouchable
This exists nowhere but in here

After sensing my tell him
Great minds surely think alike
With this I jumped and exclaimed
She loves me, she loves me not
But I concluded to myself, she loves me

What do I tell her now?
If I could write her a song
Then, I’m yours would be best
If it had to be anybody, it was you
Baby, I’m yours

Beautiful is your name
Wonderful is who you are to me
Seeing you in my dreams
Addresses my comfort zone
My soft spot for you is just my pillow

I know you do not know now
But, I am telling you too now
I cherish you beyond now
Thinking of you now
But what happens after all these thoughtful thoughts

It couldn’t be only me
But all I ask is try me
The beacon that is experienced
From thinking about you
Is worth getting you to know

The end of the beginning is yet to come
But the hurt is that,
You still do not know that I know
Who will help me tell her?
I love you


Lost Love - Albert Kofi Owiredu


(Massy’s letter to Alex)

Music playing
In the background,
Thoughts of you
Crowding my head,
I scribble this letter
To you
That you’d find
Time to read
Whatever happened to you?
You were my all

Right now
I see you
In blue pants
And a neat white
Sweat shirt
Walking up to me
With a smile
This beautiful
As if we were friends
You introduce yourself
And ask of my name
‘I’m Agnes
But call me Massy’
I say

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
I remember
How I couldn’t stop
Picturing your face
And how it would feel
In those muscled arms
Had I fallen
At first sight?
I had

I hear Luther Vandross
Do killing me softly
And I melt
In tears
Like I did
In love
When you asked me out

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
Everyday saw us
Share a kiss
Hold hands
I felt so safe
In your arms

I am in your bed
And you beside me
Holding me tight
An assurance
It won’t hurt
I let you in
It didn’t hurt really
I loved you more
Your sheet stained
Your eyes spoke of
A love undying

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
You are so furious
I didn’t tell you
I got pregnant
And got rid of it
I love you
I would want you
Stuck with me
For love
And everything we shared
Not an unwanted pregnancy

You couldn’t forgive
I killed your blood
It was my blood too
You couldn’t forget
I did it
When you didn’t know

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
My eyes are tired
From crying
And my heart
From bleeding
I miss you

I bet you miss me
The happy moments
The sad ones

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
My pride
Couldn’t bring me
Down on my knees
To say sorry
Right now
I am really sorry
I love you
Please forgive
And forget.

(c) June 14 2011 Owiredu Albert Kofi

June 1, 2011

Want To Be Heard Outside Too - J Felix Ametepe

by J Felix Ametepe

I shout inside me and you hear me,

I shout love outside me but unheard,

My eyes speak and meaning is conveyed to the heart,

My heart beeps and emotions act on,

My lips act and heart reject.

How can i speak love with my heart?

Because loving you is all i care.

I want to be heard outside too

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