June 16, 2011

Tell Her (1) - Kwame Ghansah

Tell Her (1) - June 13 2011

Running around
As if nothing matters at all
Thinking and imagining the unthinkable
Trying to touch the untouchable
This exists nowhere but in here

After sensing my tell him
Great minds surely think alike
With this I jumped and exclaimed
She loves me, she loves me not
But I concluded to myself, she loves me

What do I tell her now?
If I could write her a song
Then, I’m yours would be best
If it had to be anybody, it was you
Baby, I’m yours

Beautiful is your name
Wonderful is who you are to me
Seeing you in my dreams
Addresses my comfort zone
My soft spot for you is just my pillow

I know you do not know now
But, I am telling you too now
I cherish you beyond now
Thinking of you now
But what happens after all these thoughtful thoughts

It couldn’t be only me
But all I ask is try me
The beacon that is experienced
From thinking about you
Is worth getting you to know

The end of the beginning is yet to come
But the hurt is that,
You still do not know that I know
Who will help me tell her?
I love you



  1. Will this message change anything in the heart of the receiver?

  2. Well, it shouldn't at the first sight but if the receiver is much more prepared and readier to receive it why not. In conclusion, it should CHANGE the HEART of the receiver beyond every standard.

  3. Great poems wooeth no hearts.

    Do you, as the poet believe in this statement?


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