June 16, 2011

Lost Love - Albert Kofi Owiredu


(Massy’s letter to Alex)

Music playing
In the background,
Thoughts of you
Crowding my head,
I scribble this letter
To you
That you’d find
Time to read
Whatever happened to you?
You were my all

Right now
I see you
In blue pants
And a neat white
Sweat shirt
Walking up to me
With a smile
This beautiful
As if we were friends
You introduce yourself
And ask of my name
‘I’m Agnes
But call me Massy’
I say

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
I remember
How I couldn’t stop
Picturing your face
And how it would feel
In those muscled arms
Had I fallen
At first sight?
I had

I hear Luther Vandross
Do killing me softly
And I melt
In tears
Like I did
In love
When you asked me out

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
Everyday saw us
Share a kiss
Hold hands
I felt so safe
In your arms

I am in your bed
And you beside me
Holding me tight
An assurance
It won’t hurt
I let you in
It didn’t hurt really
I loved you more
Your sheet stained
Your eyes spoke of
A love undying

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
You are so furious
I didn’t tell you
I got pregnant
And got rid of it
I love you
I would want you
Stuck with me
For love
And everything we shared
Not an unwanted pregnancy

You couldn’t forgive
I killed your blood
It was my blood too
You couldn’t forget
I did it
When you didn’t know

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
My eyes are tired
From crying
And my heart
From bleeding
I miss you

I bet you miss me
The happy moments
The sad ones

Music playing
In the background
Thoughts of you
Crowding my mind
My pride
Couldn’t bring me
Down on my knees
To say sorry
Right now
I am really sorry
I love you
Please forgive
And forget.

(c) June 14 2011 Owiredu Albert Kofi


  1. There is a constant repetition of the first four lines which really draws the readers attention. The lines are comparatively short too. In all the story gets told in a welcoming manner.

    Do tell us, Albert (dear poet), does loves posses all the qualities outlined in your piece and should it serve as a shock absorber of all kinds of Human Behaviour, be it bad or good?

    What should be the resolve of the person to whom the letter (poem) is being directed to?

  2. well to 1st question, i'll say yes those qualities are possessed by love.

    About being a shock absorber to human behaviour, well all i can say is that when you love someone, you accept the person for who and what he or she is in its entirety.

    love is forgiving. the recipient should be able to forgive. about forgetting i'm quite sure it will take some time.


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