August 24, 2011

Lost In A Dream - Prem Anand R


Lost in a dream, sleepless awakening
violet skies between meadows of green
rivers of souls departed to the underworld
silver coins bribes upon the ferryman’s hand

Lost within my sleep, death calls and waits
twilight skies burning heavens above
as darkness came with thunder
storms brewing upon gods’ caldron of fate
flashes and screams echoes
to disturb the sleeper’s wake

Lost in a dream, I cast my dices to fate
upon the crossroads I wait for the deal
to be made with the salesman of Hades
came and bought my soul in a dream

Lost in a maze, a labyrinth of deceit and hate
men sell their souls for their pieces of dreams
gamblers twist lady luck to escape their fate
they become the balls, when the roulette turns and stops

Dreamers all of them, like me unable to awake
death waits between the cracks of shadow and light
life is the hardest to live upon expectations,
dreamers die young as their life burns away fast

Waiting to break out of the cycle of mundane
to live the life of an enigma of chaos
on a hill top high screaming at the heavens like a lunatic
found the dream but death got to it first

Seize the day and night,they hide
when death comes seeking
freedom is a price we take for granted
on speeches made by folk tongue
asleep on my bed, restless and in peace

lost in a dream between the rivers of soul
and the shadow of death,not to be awaken
unless dreams are found or lost in its nightmare
but now the bones and flesh are but a mere dust

delusional mirage becomes the real life
inner sanctum of reality shifts the imagination
freedom of flight that the weight of regrets lies
within the mind but none is taken by the heart


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