April 26, 2011

To My Unborn Child; A Dying Expectant Mum's Letter - Albert Kofi Owiredu

To my unborn child; A dying expectant mum's letter

Dearest dear in my womb
I curse the day I took that black potion
Thinking it could help in your abortion
But as it were, it would send me rather to my tomb

I'll be gone when you are born, the doc says
And i won't be there to show I care
Guess that's the price I've got to pay
For being so stupid not wanting you here

My love for you was very little
My heart was as black as a kettle
Now i regret with you I can't ever build a family
And love and live so happily

I'll be gone in a time not so long
Pay heed to these I say to you
It's like the few
That's so much on my heart like a song

You sure are out of luck
'cause I made you out of wedlock
Guess the pleasure got me confused
I failed to realize the barrier break lose

Those flagellated things then had a chance
To swim, wriggle and dance
One found that egg in me
And did what was meant to be

Pay no one attention
When you are called a bastard
Life itself is hard
That should be your notion

Shortly after your birth
And my painful expected death
You'll be put in a foster home
But you'll find soon those who will make you their own

Learn to keep your eyes open
When you fall in love with your heart
Otherwise your love will only deepen
And you'll end up bruised and hurt

I leave  with you  my bible
On its words you should daily nibble
I leave you also my love and all
our hearts I pray remain connected like a phone call

I truly and really love you
More than i do everything
Not even the early morning dew!!!

(c) 2010 Owiredu Albert Kofi


  1. This poem seeks recompense for wrong dees done. As the poet of this piece, do you think this is the best way for it to be done?

    What is you overall view of mother who try to kill babies in their wombs?

  2. yeah, i think there's no other way this has to be done... My attitude towards mothers who abort their babies is of mixed feelings. One of understanding as there is no other way out to make ends meet;the other of a little disgust at why the life of a human has to be terminated. On the whole, it depends whichever angle you are looking at!

  3. Are you justifying abortion with your poem just because the mother in ɛuestion cannot take care of her baby if its born?


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