April 25, 2011

IF ONLY... - Magkwadi Lefuma


If only I let my thinking drive me,
But then it got no license to pursue the trip,
If only I made my heart take control,
But then it would've lost its job in an early stage,
If only I've changed my soul,
But then I would've lost the true me.

Life is an opportunity to grasp & hold on to.
There are no corrections in its journey,
But there are options to take wisely,
If only there was just one chance to remake mistakes.

Took the way to the world of chocolate & honey,
Made a choice of being rich & being respected,
Lived double lives to myself happy in a wink of an eye for satisfactory,
If only I knew it will get me this far.

Took drugs & alcohol to get rid of my problems fast,
Took a gun to scare the weak & stole their happiness,
Took the pride of a young girl to get rid of my sickness,
If only I knew my hands will go these far & destroy future & joyful lives of others.


1 comment:

  1. Makgwadi Lefuma, there are more questions in this piece than answers.

    Is getting another chance the only resolve?

    Should the persona in this poem dwell on the past such that he fails to see the way ahead?

    Is feeling guilty part of the healing process?


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