April 19, 2011

Mask Me: Obed Sarpong

So I feel like I committed an abomination
I was angry so I didn’t care

I cut all of my hair
Against your wishes and the dictates of some sense
You who know all things
Making the Sahara your dry leisure
And the foot of Afadjato your sleep place

I committed an abomination under your shed
(You did nothing; you wretched soul
You looked on unconcerned; and the wind blows anyway)
I was angry so I didn’t care

23 September, 2010


  1. If the poet will have it, we want to know this: is there a sense of guilt in the persona's tone?

  2. I would not call it guilt. Rather, it shows a sense of disappointment at the establishment. Those who have power have failed to show something for it

  3. Thank you so much Obed Sarpong for making it clear to us.


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