April 11, 2011

ALL THE MAN THAT I AM by James Robert Myers

ALL THE MAN THAT I AM by James Robert Myers

We court for two weeks and love made his way in us
We confined in ourselves to love without conditions
The vow captured us like glue attached to a paper
My role as a man was to provide her with the comfort zone
Promise her all the man that I am
A day without dreaming of her makes me incomplete
A day without her thought makes me unbalanced
I wanted to be part of her pains, soul, body, mind and history
Since she was crowned the queen in my boneless head

But someone should prevent her from leaving
Because she is not just walking away with her heart
But mine!
I mean I won’t be able to feel the heartbeat anymore
I will die prematurely and instantly
Without a tangible reason in the note I will leave behind
I have worn the deceived face after all that I wished
To be under her affection, shade of mercy
Proved to be a broken tablet in the nest
I am in a need of her company, the sweet melodious voice that sang to my hearing last evening
I have made her gallery my desktop background
As I want her day after day
The drive moves me from that rank to the other
I am no longer on my own since her holy love has departed
The thought of not growing old with her revolt in my mind
But what can I do this valentine?
Let her go since I cannot push her to love me
Someday I will celebrate her on my Calvary fate


  1. As we rightly said, just send us your work and we will make it seen.

    James (Mj Jimmy) what inspired you to write this poem?

  2. Looking at relationships which never last for a while, I just put myself into someone's shoe as a poet to write about a love affair which lasted for only three weeks. It really hurt seeing someone who you really love to leave your sight but you can’t let him/her out of your mind. The count goes on.


  3. In your own view, what is the purpose of love (especially looking at how you portrayed it in this piece)?

  4. Love is a spell and anyone who disagrees with me has to give that a try. In this poem, the persona portrays a sense of disappointment as he confines in a lady he gave all his soul to. One funny thing about that was, he planned a treat for the lady on Valentine's Day but the lady went a day before Valentine- a day for lovers and you could sense how cruel that was.
    The purpose is piece is to tell how true true affection can undo you if the other partner leaves.


  5. So there you have it people, Mj Jimmy says it all. Follow his work on www.mjjimmy.blogspot.com. Thank You James.

  6. Do tell us what you think about this poem. How can you relate it to your life or the world in total?


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