April 4, 2012

I Can Have It All - Sharon Tracy Phanos

I want the luxury and the comfort
I want the knowledge and the grades
I want the guy and the mustang
And I want the money and the love
Definitely, the money and the love
And I should have them all.

I want the mansion with room service
I want the beauty and the passion
I want longevity and security
I want the cuisine with the chef
I want ‘em hot and spicy
And I want the million dollar kicks

I want to see Peru and Abudiabe
I want to feel “el sol y el calor”
I want to feel “el agua en el playa”
I want to see the Paris fashion week
And visit Ethiopia for lunch
I want to have it all.

I want to have the best in life
And live like a child of the kingdom
I want the land and its richness
I want world peace and abundance
Why can’t I have it all?

I want honesty and truth
Top it up with much love and charity
I want to ride in Texas
And stand and gaze at the “tour d’Eiffel”
I can have my dreams and hopes
I can have the best of the lot
I can savour the richest taste
 I can breathe uncontaminated air
I can walk alone and not fear
I can have it all.

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