June 30, 2012

BLADES OF CHRONOS - Michael Stevens


By Michael Stevens

Time , on the throne of chronos sits
The sisters of fate , by the loom seated ,heads bent , the threads of destiny interwoven
On Saturn's rings , vow of chronos , embedded
Time draws nigh like a blade , on the belts of Orion ,fastened
Sheathed beneath a scabbard of woesome tides
Beneath the stargazer's scope , between the aim of Sagittarius , Virgo bleeds
Gushing pools of crimson red , along the pathways of milk stained , roared Leo

Amidst the the thunder roars , and the flashes of lightening blue , tears from beings ethereal
Descended in droves , torrential , the skies , the battlefield beneath the heavens trembled as immortals marched in awe so transcendental
On gaia realms , the stargazer beckoned forth , his companion stood watch before him
Eyelids blinked and strained , into space , they pierced , drawing blood
Beneath the immortal footstools , earth stared , a lone piece on a universal board

Time draws nigh like a blade , on the belts of Orion fastened
The past , stares from behind , from shadows bleak
The present , here and now , evades heart , desires mounting
The future , from our sights obscured , holds doubts and fears
The blades of chronos wielded , the sound of destiny , echoes
Lines of battle painted , on the pitch of destiny , cries of war resounding with each clash of immortality

The blood moon resurrected , the star gazer stares , steadfast in his post
Rays of the gold approaching , eyes squinted ,balanced only by the beams of silvery red
The moon stood in perfection , facing the rage of the crimson king
Gaia marvels , time halted in their fiery embrace
The king , his queen , an ephemeral union of ethereal perfection
The scales of Libra , all but tilted in favor of creation
To this union , a libation poured , from Aquarius' jars

Time draws nigh ,like a blade on the belts of orionn fastened
Un-sheathed as chronos struck in pain , the union ,forever divided
Meteors of pain hurled through the night's sky , galaxies with rage filled as night and day spawned
tears ,down crimson cheeks roll , gaia trembled in quakes , beyond control
The crimson king hath been defeated
Chronos' blades sheathed , its power unrivaled , existence redefined
There is no end to this
Leo forever roars
The virgin bleeds still
From the jars of Aquarius , libation pours eternal
Gaia forever drenched in its wake
And the star still gazes in awe

Time draws nigh , like a blade on the belts of Orion fastened .

~Michael Stevens ~

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