October 30, 2012

The Life Giver ~ Deborah Baiden

The Life Giver, By Deborah Baiden.

Water flowed as the painful journey began
excruciating pain like bullet from a gun.
At last, a shrill cry cut the tense atmosphere,
the lifegiver sighed; her spirit soared to the stratosphere, a new life was born.

Milk flowed as the nursing journey started,
the baby's health was all that mattered
sound sleep was no longer necessary
she needed to know the baby's chemistry, a new life began.

Sweat flowed as the training journey began
character building was essential at this stage
valuable lessons, when I come of age
sleepless nights, through the teenage years, a new life matured.

Tears flows as she is appreciated
she enjoys the fruit of her labour
'A success story' she tells every neighbour.
Behind every success is Maame.
 Ayeekoo..Yen Maamenom.

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