May 12, 2013


By: Kofi Gyamfi Anane-Kyeremeh (Word Maker)

(~Wrote this piece for my birthday~First post by myself.)

Call me the Word Maker
I come from the world therein.
The world where you think I can only come from.
From sperm to clot to this,
I come from and Idea, a passion.

I was held as a decision, formed as a protein,
Held in a sack, waiting, just waiting.
The right time came, as I was spewed off,
To another holding, another abode.

Yet this world knew me not.
It was oblivious of my formation,
In the Beginning God created the Heaven and Earth
An in my beginning Word created me.
In the belly of a woman.

I planned my exit strategy in her womb.
I formed my mindset, in her womb.
I built this relationship with life
And sought to prove not more than I am now
So that when the world did see me,
It will know, and believe.

It past 12am, and here I sit,
Behind the flat screen, tapping away on this keyboard.
It is all quiet save for the fan.
I sleep not, for I think,
I am being born again, like I was, many years past.

I am forcing my head through this tight opening
Kicking my legs hard,
Wanting to pop out,
And let the whole world see me.

For I am the Word Maker.
The one who can and yet cannot.
The one who will and yet will not.
The one all will think of, and yet, will forget.

But I will not forget me,
Nor the sack that held me,
Nor the womb that fed me,
Nor the Mother the brought me up,
Nor the Family that raised me,
Nor the pen, that made me..

So call me the Word Maker.
The same yesterday, but not the same anymore.
I am like now a broken hymen.
I know no innocence, for words birthed me.

I will be as I planned, when I was in her womb.
I know coz I wrote it all down.
This day defines me.
It defines my mother too.
We were one, and never separated.
I condition my mind for Life.

It will happen as I have planned it.
Call me the Word Maker.
Call me by that name.
For on this day. I was made.

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