May 26, 2011

A Poet's Suicide Note - Reason AbledArtist

a poet's suicide note

the wind threatens to uproot everything standing on feeble foundations

if my soul flies with it to some far-flung sanctuary or floats around to fill mortal lungs with breath

before my flesh feeds the crawling creatures of the undergrowth, my conscious mind should part with these words:

if there was ever a genuine happiness in this life, it was of our will and doing

if there was ever a reality, it was moulded from the ribs of our aspirations

if indeed there was ever love, it must've been the phenomena that mimics our daily dreams and savours in our daily deeds

from this life i take nothing but my mind to be my only companion

and to my mother, i leave the body she bore to burry

to my friends, before my memory dissipates into small particles of nothingness, remember that i shared my dreams and my love with you

1 comment:

  1. Does this poem suggest an afterlife?

    Is there life beyond, after death?

    You can also tell us what inspired you to pen this down...


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