May 11, 2011

Daily Diamdems, Archaic Anthems! - Elorm Beenie

Daily Diamdems, Archaic Anthems!

Religion against religion
Nation against nation
Faction against faction
Daughter against mother
Son against father
Uncles envying nephews
Niece always negating auntie’s views
Faculty against faculty
University graduates challenging authority,
Primary, secondary and tertiary over policies of school authority,
School syllabus crafted to confuse student fraternity.

Politicians always reaching for more selfish goals
Thus thumping the poor with extra poverty
Without apology....
The city smells bloody!

It’s a pity,
I’m hungry,
No food for my belly,
No money in my pocket
Very soon they'll roll another suicidal budget,
Oh Jah!
No wonder
They always see us as puppets
Poor puppets
On a string
They always fling...

Tears always gather in my eyes
When I see my ignorant ghetto folks believe them in their political lies,
Wish I had a better pillow to lay my head
On a cozy bed
And forget all these mass baseless and endless problem;
But if I gloss it over and go sleep in bed,
Who would fight for the poor?
Who would take the challenge to shamelessly for sure
Write about this political mayhem?

1 comment:

  1. There can be only one truth to find. Does your piece seek to explore this option?


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