July 21, 2011


Hey poetry fans and Geeks in the Greater Accra Region, It is finally here...

Write To The World and Open Air Theartre presents to you MICROPOETRY, a radio peotry contest.

Let me give you the jig.

5 lines + 5 words

Yes, that all it takes. Micropoetry is a contest meant to see if ports can actually say more with less. So write a 5 line poem with not more than 5 words and sub mit it. Below are compact details.

Contest: Micropoetry

Tag-line: Say More With Less

Organisers: WTTW & OAT

Supporters: Public Sense Advertising (PSA) & AfroMedia

Medium: Radio Univers 105.7fm

Time: 5:00pm t0 6:30pm
Purpose: Getting poets to cut short their long poems, encouraging brevity in poetry, saying more with less.
Format: A poem of not more than 25words with 5lines of not more than 5words per line.
Themes: General
Style: no style but a rhyming piece will be good.
Submission: Via Text Only

Number of submissions: 1 per poet per week.
Prizes: Ranging. BRANDED T Shirts, Call Credit, Posters of WTTW or OAT, Invite to OAT, follow-ups by WTTW & other groups.
Duration: weekly for 8 weeks, extension possible. Submissions will be done only within the 24hrs of Sundays only

So there you have it. Let's go micro. You will have to listen to Open Air Theatre (OAT) for full details and rules.

More info on our Facekook's event Wall.

All inquiries should be directed to Kofi on +233247815068


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